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TheWebFellas use tried and tested rapid prototyping and behavioural driven development techniques to maximise efficiency, ensure quality and minimise timescales. Perfect when time to market matters.

Web, Search and Mobile Apps

TheWebFellas can take your ideas for web, search and mobile applications through to production quickly and cost-effectively.

Our agile approach to development gives real business benefits including: improved stakeholder engagement and ownership; reduced time to market; managed costs; and the flexibility to react and adapt to change.

Contact us to find out how we can help you create a digital proposition that meets your needs – delivered on time and on budget.


Many web and mobile applications are data driven - and where there is data, there is a need for efficient and flexible data retrieval.

TheWebFellas are experts at using Search to provide insights into data and to drive interfaces within search based applications.

The applications for search are wide reaching and many applications are a candidate for being based on search.

We typically use ElasticSearch or Sphinx - and have many years of experience and knowledge of implementing both in complex and high demand situations.

Cloud Architecture

As an Amazon Web Services™ Solution Provider, TheWebFellas have extensive experience of developing, deploying and managing large scale, high-throughput transactional systems.

TheWebFellas assist organisations of all sizes to design and implement scalable, fault tolerant architectures that adapt to demand.

Blog: How to install Elastix onto an Amazon EC2 Instance

We recently received an enquiry asking us if we could help install Elastix onto an EC2 instance. It's been a couple of years since I last installed Asterisk onto EC2, so I couldn't help but give Elastix a go.

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