Bucking the trend of interplanetary meltdown, we're looking for some 'awesome' people to join our team. We're fleshing out the full details right now and will be posting ads in all the predictable places in the next few weeks, but in the meantime if you fall into any of the following job descriptions and are interested in applying send your CV and examples of your work through to .

These are all permanent positions, salaries are to be decided based on experience and skills but will be based on market rates, as will the overall package on offer. We're currently based in Fareham, Hampshire but may also be relocating soon - wherever we go will be within 15 miles and will be near a mainline station. So if you're currently London based then you'll need to suffer a nice commute (we've all done it the opposite way round!) or perhaps a nice reloaction to the Hampshire countryside.


User Interface/Web Designer
We need someone with strong skills in designing web based interfaces and graphics. Our clients require designs that are clean, professional and modern with a sprinkling of innovation and spark. We're also interested in people who dabble in pixel art as it's a current favourite of ours and will give us a head start on some of our current internal projects!
Ruby Developer (x2)
We predominantly work with Ruby based applications. Whether it be Rails, Sinatra or anything else, we need someone proficient in Ruby as a language with a strong foundation in clean, sensible programming. The more skills you have, the more chance you have of getting a job with us - make sure your CV's are full of the things you can do rather than the names of as many technologies you can think of!

Experience is beneficial, but if you can demonstrate a keen background in the scene or can bring along a strong portfolio of homegrown projects for review then we're happy to consider you. Qualifications are secondary to skill, attitude and enthusiasm.

We are also happy to accept interns/gap year students falling into any of the above skillsets - send us your details and we'll take a look!