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Well it’s day two of the first ever Rails BugMash and so far I’ve managed to score a sneaky 1,000 points just by updating my one-line binary fixtures test patch. Meanwhile Matt Duncan and Rizwan Reza are on fire with 4,350 and 4,000 points at the time of writing.

Unfortunately the event has coincided with what may be the only nice weekend of the Great British summer, so I’ve been torn between the chance to mash bugs or to enjoy the sunshine. I’m currently trying to combine the two sat out in the garden squinting to see my laptop screen in the glare of the sun!

My next attempt to score some points is an updated patch, now improved and including a test case, for a lack of quoting of aliased table names in SQL joins which has been (too eagerly) marked as resolved even though it’s still broken. If you get the opportunity please do take a look and comment on the ticket as it’d be nice to get it fixed.

After that, I’m hoping to try and sneak my patch for anonymous extension modules for belongs_to and has_one associations into the Bugmash as it has been sat on Lighthouse since March and already has three +1s. Even if it isn’t eligible for the bugmash, I still think it’s a worthy patch so again please take a look and comment on the ticket if you get chance.

And of course there are still plenty more tickets tagged with bugmash to be looked at so even if you’ve never contributed to Rails before, now is a pretty good time to start!

Updated on 07 February 2019
First published by Rob Anderton on 09 August 2009
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